About Me

My name is Peter Fishbein,  I am a 36 year old husband and father. I grew up in Islip Terrace and took the big leap to move one town over to raise my family.  My two wild and crazy kids Ella (7) and PJ (2) are the light in my life. My wife Christine is my rock and the guiding force of our family. We have been married for 10 years and together for 17, and she drives me to be a better person every day.  

What I Do

In the real world I am a Director of Business Development for a large luxury automobile group. I manage four sites, and a staff of 30 plus. We handle every inbound inquiry into the dealership be it sales or service. I also work directly with the marketing and advertising departments to come up with promotions and planning for each franchise.

The most fulfilling aspect of my life outside of my family comes from being an owner at Islip CrossFit. I am still very early into this journey, but I can tell you I will never look back. Having the ability to help people achieve things they never thought possible is one of the most amazing things anyone can experience and Islip CrossFit allows me to do that on a daily basis.

Islip is my home away from home, each member is like a member of my family. I am genuinely invested in every single person, and want nothing more then to help them achieve every goal they have set. I found Islip CrossFit at a low point in my life. I weighed 375 lbs and was legitimately afraid I was going to die and not be able to see my kids grow up. The coaches and owners at the time helped to save my life, and when I was given the chance to be a part of that I jumped for it, no questions asked. I know I can never pay back the gift that was given to me but every day that I show up and help someone, I feel like I am doing my part.

Why Do a Podcast?

Why not, isn’t everyone? In reality this thing started at a Sunday Funday. See, we are all parents who work full time jobs, help raise our children, run a small business and try to find time for everything else in between. We have large get-togethers on Sundays; it let's all our kids hang out and us parents have a little adult time. During these we get talking about life, politics, sports, and basically anything and everything. One day after having a few too many someone said hey we should record this, and here we are.

Each one of us bring a unique set of life experiences, background and values. We also have many things in common, and hope that you will find us somewhat interesting, at least interesting enough to subscribe to our podcast.

Seriously though, our goal is to show everyone our struggles, our triumphs, and everything in between. We all enjoy life, lean on each other for help and support, and hopefully through our podcast we can do the same for you the listener.



About Me

My name is Derin Erimez. I'm a 32 year old father and husband. Born on Long Island, New York, I moved a bunch as a kid. We lived in Turkey for a few years when I was a baby, then moved to Upstate New York, and finally settled down back on Long Island. I've been married for almost 4 years to my amazing wife Michelle and we have an beautiful daughter named Nina who turns a year old in September. Last but certainly not least, we've got a cat who's really more like a dog. Her name's Belle.

What I Do

My everyday job is a Senior Technical Support Analyst for a big software company. In a nutshell, I spend my time investigating the problems our customers are experiencing and try to fix them so that end users can continue working with minimal interruptions.

The cool part about my job is that I work remotely, almost exclusively from home in fact. People are always quick to remind me how awesome it must be to have no commute, to instead wake up and walk upstairs to my office in my pajamas. To them I say yes, you're absolutely right. It's really, really awesome. What's even better though, is that now I get to spend a whole lot of time with my daughter. Granted, there are some days when being a Work-From-Home-Dad takes its toll on you, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The opportunity to bond with Nina and have such a big impact on her development makes it all worth while, and I'm really grateful for that.

Other than spending time with my wife and daughter, I'm a big gamer. I firmly believe that everyone should have an outlet to express themselves creatively, whether that's through sports, art, music, or video games. A few years ago I decided to get back into PC gaming and built myself a gaming rig. Best. Decision. Ever! Now I find myself looking forward to when Nina's old enough to join me. In the mean time she seems content banging away on my keyboard.

Why Do a Podcast?

Like I said, everyone should have a way to express themselves creatively. Who's to say you can't have more than one? I've always enjoyed some friendly banter and arguing the different sides of various issues. During NFL playoffs, Nick and I got to talking about some interesting things and figured it'd be fun to record our conversations. Pete agreed and so we decided then and there that we'd start a podcast. Alcohol factored heavily into that decision.

Fast forward a few months and here we are. Each of us add own unique brand of humor and insight, and I like to think we complement each other pretty well. We've got lots of similarities and just as many differences, we're all opinionated, and most importantly we enjoy each other's company, especially after a few beers!

All in all, my goal is to have some fun talking about things that are interesting and important to me, while hopefully providing entertaining content that makes our listeners laugh & think.



About Me

My name is Nick Ullman, I’m 37 years old and spent my entire life on Long Island. I grew up in West Islip under the watchful eye of my parents, Budman and Red. I’ve been married since 2009 to my wonderful wife Rachel, and we have 2 amazing kids that talk way too much, Maya (7) and Luke (4). However, before human children were conceived, we had our first child, Mr. Charles Funk. Charlie is a rescue pup we took home from North Shore Animal League in 2010 on the day we found out Rachel was pregnant. Those 3 run my house and daily activity schedule.

What I Do

I am the Site Operations Exec for a large healthcare company. To make a complicated job simple, my company provides onsite workplace wellness solutions for large corporations. It’s my job to ensure they operate smoothly.

What brings me my most fulfillment (and anger) outside of work, is my gym, Islip CrossFit. I opened Islip CrossFit in 2013 with no idea what I was doing, in hindsight it was so terrifying. Although here we are, 5+ years later (and various partner changes later) and we are still doing great!

Islip has become my home and all the members my family. It’s crazy to think sometimes that if I never took the chance to open the place, I’d never have met all these amazing people in my life. The friendships I’d have missed out on, the experiences I’d never have. So, make it a point to do things that scare you, take a chance on something because it may change your life!

Why Do a Podcast?

Well the origins of the idea came from an afternoon of day drinking at a friends house. It was during NFL playoffs so day drinking is permitted. I was talking to Derin about some real interesting stuff and said “Hey, we should podcast this stuff, people would love it!”. Obviously, I had been drinking too much to be so narcissistic to think people cared about what I had to say.

However, we all share a common trait; we're parents! Parents of small kids that do crazy things and drive us insane. So who wouldn’t want to hear about something they can relate to?

I have a somewhat unique perspective than most as I work from home so I’ve raised both my kids while working full time and running my business. Yes – read that again, 2 kids – home – full time job – business owner. Needless to say, I’ve been stressed out to the max over the years which I’m sure has had an impact on my health, my relationships and my career.

Of course, it’s been difficult but it’s also created some great stories which I hope to share with you as we dive into some of these experiences along the way. I hope you enjoy it!