Episode 020: The Triumphant Return of the Dads!

We’re back!! After a brief fall hiatus, the dads are back with a vengeance. This week, we discuss all things potty training, provide an update on our over/unders, and dip our toes into some political stuff we have no idea about. We also unlock the 35 year old mystery of why Nick is a stuttering prick.

Episode Timestamps

  • 2:36 – Derin’s adventures in potty training
  • 5:53 – Nick has awful grammar and can’t use words correctly
  • 16:16 – Nina’s the boss of the house
  • 17:49 – Update : all things football related
  • 23:26 – We make a pit stop into politics, vow to never return
  • 33:10 – What grinds our gears
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